tour soldier

Year 2089. The earth was captured by Alien invaders. The only hope of the Human Kind is you. I am captain George Permir. One of the last soldiers defending this planet and the human kind. The aliens managed to learn the human natural language and intercepted the communications and thoughts of people.

The resistance found a way to encode the human knowledge using knowledge recorded in stories, fairytales and other folclore scripts, so as to prevent aliens from capturing the communications and thoughts. Unfortunately we can't use our supercomputers for applying this encoding algorithm since they are compromised.

In order to encode the human knowledge each one of you must become a "Processor" and complete some tasks. For each task you complete you gain points that will eventually make you the Master Processor of this game. Take good care of the time since aliens can capture communications in very short time using highly sophisticated interceptors.

More information on the HREF algorithm!!!!


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