A year after the Alien invasion, Dr. Georgia Kolokos prepared an algorithm for encoding the human Knowledge. This algorithm enables people to understand Encoded Natural Language without a decoding device. The name of the algorithm is Human Readable Encoded Form algorithm (HREF).

The algorithm is applied in six steps:

  1. Phrase Filtering:Most part of speech (articles, pronouns,conjunctions etc.) except nouns are removed and the tence of verbs changes to present
  2. Phrase Seperation: Nouns and verbs are seperated for each phrase
  3. Phrase Logic Extration: If there is a verb, the verb is writen and nouns are enclosed in parentheses separated with commas [e.g play(kid,ball)]
  4. Phrase knowledge extraction: For each encoded sentence is step 3 the HREF of the phrase is extracted
  5. Phrase generalization: Nouns and verbs are replaced with variables to have a generalized HREF. For each replaced noun the noun and the variable used are added enclosed in parentheses
  6. Phrase Validation: HREF phrases are validated by codefenders.


unencoded Phrase: The cat played outside.

Step 1 Output: cat play outside

Step 2 Output: nouns[cat, outside] verbs[play]

Step 3 Output: play(cat,outside)

Step 4 Output: play(cat,outside) implies is(day), play(cat,outside) implies have(good,weather)

Step 5 Output:X1(cat), play(X1,outside) implies is(day)

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